Cosmetic Dentistry in Binghamton, NY

Cosmetic Dentistry in Binghamton, NY

Dr. Sambursky is trained to manage the most complex dental restorations.  From patients requiring rehabilitation after a traumatic injury to creating new smiles for those born with genetic facial deficits, Prosthodontist's have the special skills needed to restore smiles to the best they can be.

Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry

Do you feel awkward or self-conscious about your smile? Do you cover your mouth when you talk? A healthy smile is among the top aspects of a person's appearance that impacts self-esteem. If you're like many Americans and are unhappy about the way your smile looks, Dr. Sambursky and his staff can help you.

With their advanced training, Prosthodontist's can improve your appearance by fixing broken, discolored or misshapen teeth and associated structures. Some of the procedures that can improve your smile are:

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