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Dental Crowns Available for Johnson City, Vestal, and Binghamton, NY

If you grimace instead of smile because of decayed or cracked teeth, then dental crowns might be a good option. For the best dental crown technology in a welcoming dental office, rely on Dental Solutions of Binghamton.

What Are Dental Crowns Useful For?
Dental crowns are useful for many dental applications. For example, dental crowns are helpful for:

  Worn, cracked, or decayed teeth that need replacing
  Tooth cavities that are too large for a filling
  Root canals that need protection
  Missing teeth for extra support
  Dental bridges or teeth implants

Whatever your reason for a dental crown, rely on Dr. Ronald Sambursky and the Dental Solutions Binghamton team for quality work.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?
Dental crowns aren't just great for their various applications. They also:

  Relieve pain: Dental infections, tooth chips, or bad decay can cause pain. With a crown, that pain can stop.
•  Enhance your smile: A dental crown can restore your smile so that you can flash your pearly whites without fear or embarrassment.
  Are long-lasting: As long as you care for your crown, it can last more than a decade.

With the CEREC technology we employ, you can have your dental crown the same day, instead of waiting weeks for your permanent crown to come in.

Why Choose Us?

When you need a dental crown, you need to have a reliable, experienced dental specialist you can turn to. You can rely on Dr. Samburksy with confidence, as he has over 20 years’ experience and advanced training as a prosthodontist. With your comfort in mind, we only use the latest technology, such as our CEREC mentioned above. However, our office never feels like a clinic. Instead, we provide peaceful décor and comfortable furnishings so you can feel at home.

If you want an experienced dental team to help with your dental crown needs, call us today at 607.798.0789. Dr. Sambursky and the team at Dental Solutions of Binghamton look forward to seeing you soon!

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