Denture Wearers — Dental Implants are an Option!

Denture Wearers — Dental Implants are an Option!

Bone loss is a common consequence of lost teeth, when left unreplaced. Jawbone is preserved through the pressure and stimulus of chewing. When jawbone is removed through tooth loss, the bone reabsorbs into the body. After a tooth extraction, 25% of bone is lost in year one alone. Replacing teeth with full or partial dentures does not solve the problem, as dentures exert a small amount of chewing pressure on the bone compared to natural teeth. In fact, dentures can accelerate bone loss by wearing away the ridges of bone they are placed on. With every bite or clench of the teeth pressure is placed on the ridge, resulting in its resorption.

A key to dental implant success is the quantity and quality of the bone where the dental implant is to be placed.  Unfortunately, many long-term denture wearers are under the impression they are not a dental implant candidate because of the bone loss they have experienced. Dr. Ronald Sambursky and the team at Dental Solutions of Binghamton hear this time and again when consulting with new patients.  While bone loss may change the approach or the timeline to placing a dental implant, it does not eliminate dental implants as an option to restore and revitalize one’s smile.

There are a variety of therapies available to address bone loss, including bone grafting.  The term “bone grafting” can sometimes cause concern, as previous methods of securing often required additional surgery and recovery time.  However, with today’s technological advances in grafting--bovine, synthetic and donated options--patients are surprised to learn that bone grafting often does not require a second surgery to remove the bone from another part of their body.  Dr. Sambursky addressed bone grafting realities for his dental implant patients in further detail during a recent interview with Randy Alvarez of The Wellness Hour.

Are you concerned long-term denture wearing has caused too much bone loss for you to be a dental implant candidate?  Stop guessing and start truly considering your options beyond dentures. A consultation with Dr. Sambursky is a great first step to answers. Dr. Sambursky has been helping patients in Binghamton for over 20 years restore and revitalize their smiles with dental implants.  Call 607.798.0789 to book your consultation.  Start the path to removing your dentures permanently and living confidently with your dental implants from Dental Solutions of Binghamton.

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