Gum Disease Concerns and Dental Implants?

Gum Disease Concerns and Dental Implants?

Periodontal disease, often referred to as gum disease, is a serious condition that affects gums and is a leading reason for tooth loss in the United States. With this disease, gums become inflamed resulting in a reddish appearance. The inflammation, known as gingivitis, can turn into periodontal disease with bacteria attacking the healthy tissue in your gums and jawbone without treatment.

Gum recession is also common with periodontal disease when left untreated. As gums recede, teeth become looser and have the potential to fall out.  Treatment should be done promptly to prevent the disease from advancing and to help restore healthy gum tissue. If you experience the following symptoms of gum disease, call our office immediately for a consultation:
-    Gums with a reddish appearance, swelling or that bleed easily
-    Pain or discomfort while chewing food
-    New spaces form between teeth
-    Teeth feel loose
-    Bad breath that does not improve with brushing or mouthwash use
-    Bad taste that is not caused by food

When gum disease has advanced to the stage of losing teeth, patients often show an interest in dental implants for replacing missing teeth. Those with a history of gum disease often wonder if that issue will prevent them from utilizing dental implants to improve and restore their smile.  While there is some reason for concern, getting dental implants after experiencing gum disease is possible.

Those patients who have chosen dental implants after gum disease find that dental implants provide important benefits. Patients have a healthy and full smile again. Their dental implants allow them to eat foods previously impossible to chew, bringing more balance to their nutritional intake.  They feel more confident when around other people, and no longer avoiding talking to others or smiling. Lastly, patients are happy with the long-term success of their dental implants.  Study after study has shown, that dental implants have a 98% success rate after 10 years.

Dr. Ronald Sambursky has been helping patients across the Southern Tier for over 20 years. As a prosthodontist, he specializes in restoring and revitalizing smiles with dental implants, even after suffering from gum disease and tooth loss.  To hear directly from Dr. Sambursky, on the difference his patients’ have seen with dental implants, watch his recent interview on the Wellness Hour.

If you are ready to start the path to a healthier, more confident version of yourself. Call 607.798.0789 to book your consultation today.  The team at Dental Solutions of Binghamton and Dr. Sambursky are ready to help.

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