The statistics of people dealing with complete toothlessness in one arch, or both, are staggering.  The medical term for toothlessness is edentulism. According to the American College of Prosthodontists 23 million are completely edentulous, while an additional 12 million are missing all the teeth in just one of their arches, defined as partial edentulism.  While this may seem like a preventable condition, most dealing with tooth loss are doing so due to injury, illness, or simply everyday wear, and not mere neglect.

With 90% of those suffering from edentulism wearing dentures, it seems that these patients believe there are no options besides traditional dentures.  While dentures continue to be an option to restoring a bite—they are not the best option—physically, financially or socially.  Wearing dentures over time leads to bone loss, due to the pressure applied when used. This can cause discomfort, slippage, and an overall decrease in function, requiring dentures be re-lined or replaced periodically at additional cost to the patient. Many denture-wearers report they have trouble eating foods that aren’t soft, leading to harmful nutritional changes. In addition, dentures require special cleaning and can build up unpleasant tastes and odors. Lastly, problems with speaking and chewing are commonplace among denture wearers and can lead to the loss of self-confidence.

When faced in making the decision of restoring their bite, after a great deal of tooth loss, are there options available to patients besides dentures?  According to Dr. Ronald Sambursky, local prosthodontist, the answer is YES!  During a recent interview with Randy Alvarez with the Wellness Hour he shared more details on options available at Dental Solutions of Binghamton.

The first is an implant-supported snap on denture. For patients who have struggled with eating and speaking while wearing conventional dentures, implant-supported dentures offer an alternative that is more stable and less likely to slip. These dentures may also be more effective at disguising lost gum tissue in an attractive way.  While they are a viable option, an even better option remains with a dental implant.  This second option is more stationary.  The patient won’t experience as much coverage in their mouth, as they will with a denture.  The roof of their mouth is now open, and patients report they can taste their foods more fully.  Nuts and apples are now possible snacking options for enjoyment, and not just nutrition.

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